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Architectural visualization & physical model

Frequently Asked Questions / BOOK of MISS3


  • Name of the project and location.

  • Total number of pictures and their size - our standard resolution (16:9) is 4000x2250 px.

  • What kind of data you are going to send us (2D, 3D).

  • Type and size of project.

  • Our deadline (not yours) - unless it is said otherwise, we always assume the deadline to be at the end of the day.

  • We accept following file formats :

    • 3ds Max 2016

    • AutoCAD 2015

    • ARCHICAD 22

    • Rhinoceros 6

    • SketchUp 201

  • All requests should be made 2 weeks in advance.


  • Please send all input data at once (one or in email).

  • Partial or incomplete data in multiple emails cause problems.

  • Please send all input data in time.

  • Try to keep CAD documents and models as clean as possible with organized layers.

  • We need only relevant information, no hidden layers, old versions e.t.c.


  • First previews are always sent as soon as possible.

  • Main purpose of first previews is to fix camera & sun position, check geometry and materials - we always try to set the camera and sun in a way that will yield the best picture possible.

  • Once camera and sun position are fixed and confirmed, we start with postproduction, so any changes of camera & sun position after that becomes more time-consuming and can be charged.

  • In further rounds of comments we add people, cars, trees, atmosphere/mood and we adjust light and materials according to your comments.

  • Sometimes we may suggest our opinion on how to improve the picture based on our experience, but the final decision is y ours.

  • After everything is resolved, our job is done.


  • Please appoint one person responsible for communication and comments - notes and comments from several email addresses are often confusing and counterproductive.

  • Please consolidate your comments - send all comments at once.

  • Comments written and sketched directly in our pictures are best.

  • Comments in plain text can be misinterpreted.

  • Comments sent in time always make your images better.

  • Comments received until 15:00 are usually incorporated until next day.


  • Setting sun behind camera is always a bad setup and we try to avoid it. (Picture looses shadows, contrast and depth).

  • Poor quality insertion photos result in poor quality images.

  • Google Earth does not substitute drone photos.

  • Changing picture ratio and camera position in the last minute. (This request can take hours and cause delays).

  • Changing 3D model during production.

  • Sending archicad file in *.pln (*.pln has missing libraries). We need *pla.


  • Please respect agreed deadline.

  • We do not work late nights nor on weekends.

  • We need final data - final model, final drawings; sending update model or drawings in the middle of our production causes delays and errors.

  • In case you still need to update the project and send new data, please inform us as soon as possible, so we do not work on model that is not up-to-date anymore.

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