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Interactive aplications

We are also making interactive aplications for web pages.

It can be applied as interactive floorplans, dollhouses, product showcase, or manuals of products

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  • 436x pictures in 600x600px

  • 2 states (material versions)

  • 3 sequence layers

  • play/pause button

Interactive product design

We takes a series of rendered images of an object from different angles and height levels and creates interactive 360 product showcase. Photos that allow users to rotate and examine objects in virtual 3D.

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  • 4x 3d model of musician

  • 3d scaned

  • full interactive 3d view

  • filmic effects

Interactive 3D models

We can prepare, texture and upload/setup any 3d models to skecthfab platform. You will only use embed code to implement this 3d model to your webpage. You just need your own account.

  • unique sales technology

  • A new form of presentation

  • Product sales support

  • Real world view

Augmented reality

Dejte svým zákazníkům příležitost umístit Vaše produkty doma, než si je koupí. Pomocí mobilního telefonu,QR kódu a platformy MAZING

Připravíme vaše 3D modely pro tuto platformu.

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  • 400x pictures in 1600x600px

  • mouse interactive

  • custom menu

  • 2 sequence layers

  • play/pause button

Interactive aerial animation

3d rendered interactive aerial animation. Contain 2 layers, photorealistic and functions in urban area.

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